How Does a Fungal Nail Laser Work?

How Does a Fungal Nail Laser Work?

Are you looking for a Fungal Nail Laser Treatment in West Orange, NJ? Look no further than Dr. Michael Verdi at Foot Heath Center.

What is a Fungal Nail Laser Treatment? 

Nail laser therapy is a newly developed treatment option for onychomycosis, which is a fungus in toenails. This new type of treatment is used to combat this ongoing condition affecting 20 to 30 million Americans yearly. 

This non-invasive type of treatment will circumvent the use of prescription pills, injections, or lab work and has been proven to remove toenail fungus with no side effects. The success rate of a Fungal Nail Laser Treatment outweighs the use of topical foot creams or oral medication, which are effective, however, they may have a lower success rate or pose other health risks. 

However, even though this type of treatment is effective, toenail fungus can continue in some cases. This is most commonly due to damage of the nail as a result of previous injury, poor circulation, genetics, or a severe, long-standing fungal infection. 

How does a Fungal Nail Laser work?

Dr. Verdi will follow a simple, painless process using a near infra-red laser light to kill the fungus present. This laser will pass through the toenail to directly kill the fungus with no damage to the skin or nail. Dr. Verdi makes sure all of his patients are comfortable during treatment and should feel no pain during the procedure, only a warming of the nail. 

A Fungal Nail Laser Treatment with Dr. Verdi in West Orange, NJ is a quick, safe, and effective treatment for fungi, molds, or yeasts that cause onychomycosis in toenails.

What type of laser is used for a Fungal Nail Laser Treatment?

Foot Health Center is now using a Cutera Genesis Plus Laser for all Fungal Nail Laser Treatments. This new laser has a larger beam (5 millimeters), which allows for an even more efficient and faster Fungal Nail Laser Treatment. This type of laser is the only FDA-approved 1064 nanometer laser on the market today. 

To learn more about Fungal Nail Laser Treatments in the West Orange, NJ area, call the office of Dr. Verdi at (973) 731-1266.

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