Why Diabetic Foot Care Is So Important

Why Diabetic Foot Care Is So Important

If you have diabetes, proper foot care is critical to prevent severe foot problems. The podiatrists at Foot Health Center, LLC., located in West Orange, NJ, understand good foot diabetic care and recognize its importance.

Why is Diabetic Foot Care So Important?

The disease of diabetes causes nerve damage, circulation problems, and improper wound healing that lead to severe infections and other issues. However, with proper precautions and regular visits to your podiatrist, you can maintain healthy feet as a person with diabetes.

The podiatrists at Foot Health Center, LLC., in West Orange, NJ, know how to manage your feet while also helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper diabetic care that include:

  • Regular exams including foot checks and lab monitoring of your Hemoglobin A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol
  • Monitoring your blood sugar daily
  • Eating a balanced diabetic diet
  • Participating in regular exercise

Daily Foot Care

Diabetic care for your feet includes core habits designed to prevent serious problems and should be done every day.

Inspect Your Feet

Each day, it is essential to check your feet and toes thoroughly for any sores, redness, cuts, bruises, or blisters. You are inspecting the top of your feet, in between your toes, and the soles of your feet. Any abnormalities may need immediate medical attention to prevent further damage.

Wash Your Feet

You will want to wash your feet every day with warm water and mild soap. If your water is hot or your soap is too harsh, it can damage your skin. Before putting your feet in the water, test it with your fingers or arms first to ensure it isn't too hot or too cold. With diabetes, you may have numbness in the feet and be unable to sense the water temperature.

Dry Your Feet

To prevent skin damage and infection, you will want to pat dry your feet thoroughly, including the area between your toes.

Moisturize Dry Skin

If your feet are dry or feel rough, use a lotion or oil to moisturize them. However, do not moisturize between your toes.

Toenail Care is Important

Sometimes, it isn't safe for a person with diabetes to manage their toenail care. If you cannot safely trim your toenails, you will need the assistance of a medical professional to perform your toenail care to prevent foot sores or diabetic ulcers.

Proper Footwear and Socks are Important

Diabetes causes nerve damage that, in turn, may cause you to overlook a cut or blister. You can help protect your feet by wearing the right shoes all the time. The footwear should be comfortable and well-fitted. Make sure you wear clean and dry socks, not pantyhose. You do not want to cause any additional pressure points on the leg or foot.

If you have diabetes, it may be time for a podiatrist to check your feet and ensure they stay healthy. If you're ready, call the podiatrists at Foot Health Center, LLC., at their office located in West Orange, NJ, at (973) 731-1266 for your diabetic care needs appointment today.

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