What Causes Foot Drop?

What Causes Foot Drop?

Having trouble lifting the front part of your foot? Then you could be dealing with foot drop!

If you have true foot drop (sometimes referred to as drop foot) then you might experience difficulty lifting the front part of your foot. You may even find that you drag this area of the foot as you move. This can be rather alarming (to say the least!), but if you think you have Foot Dropfoot drop, our West Orange, NJ podiatrists are here to help determine the proper treatment option for you.

Symptoms of Foot Drop

If you are unable to raise the front part of your feet you may try to compensate by raising up your thigh when you walk (much as you would if you were climbing stairs). Most people only experience foot drop in one foot. If you find that your toes drag along the ground whenever you walk then it’s time to see one of our West Orange foot doctors for care.

Causes of Foot Drop

Usually foot drop comes from muscle weakness or paralysis. Common causes include nerve injury, muscle disorders like polio and central nervous system disorders like multiple sclerosis.

Diagnosing Your Condition

A physical exam is often all that’s needed to diagnose foot drop. We will evaluate your walk and check leg muscles to determine if there is any weakness or paralysis. Sometimes imaging tests are also required if we believe that a tumor, cyst or overgrown bone in the spinal cord could be causing your foot drop.

Treating Foot Drop

When we diagnose you with the condition we will also determine the cause of your symptoms. If the underlying problem is one that is treatable you should see an improvement in your symptoms. Unfortunately, there are certain disorders responsible for foot drop that aren’t treatable. If this is the case, foot drop may be permanent.

Common treatment options include:

  • Exercises and physical therapy
  • Bracing
  • Nerve stimulation
  • Surgery

No matter what issues you are having the foot care experts at Foot Health Center LLC in West Orange, NJ are here to address all your concerns and help determine the best treatment options to keep your feet feeling their best.

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