Treating Your Athlete's Foot

Treating Your Athlete's Foot

Athlete’s foot is an uncomfortable and often embarrassing foot condition for patients. The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care estimates that up to 15 percent of people are affected. To treat it, you and your West Orange, NJ, podiatrist must be diligent and consistent. Learn how to finally get relief from the annoying symptoms of athlete’s foot and restore your normal foot health.

What Causes Athlete’s Foot?
Several different species of fungi are responsible for athlete’s foot infections. The fungus enters the crevices and cracks of the skin, causing flaking, redness, and thick build up. Oftentimes, the infection starts in one area of the foot (normally between the toes), then spreads. It’s not a condition that usually causes urgent foot problems, but it causes your feet, socks, and shoes to emit a very unpleasant scent. Also, if the infection advances without treatment, it could cause the loss of toenails, which could make the feet more vulnerable to injury. Patients who are frequently exposed to wet environments, like public pools and showers, often have this foot problem.

Athlete’s Foot Remedies
You may have tried to fix your athlete’s foot infection at home with over the counter powders and creams, but the symptoms just keep returning. Your West Orange, NJ, podiatrist can help in these ways:

- A foot and nail culture will be taken to determine the exact species of fungus affecting your foot.
- Prescribing fungicidal and fungistatic chemicals (topical or oral or both).
- Recommending specialized shoes that will give your toes more room to breathe.

Stop Athlete’s Foot from Reoccurring
One of the biggest challenges you’ll face after your athlete’s foot clears up is preventing the foot fungus from returning.

- Continue to use your doctor-prescribed medication, even if you see an improvement.
- Avoid walking barefoot, especially in wet, public places.
- Toss your old shoes and socks—wearing them after treatment could lead to a new infection.
- Don’t share socks or shoes with someone who has a case of athlete’s foot.

Clean, Healthy Feet
Allow a podiatrist at Foot Health Center in West Orange, NJ, help you address your case of athlete’s foot—it may be faster and more effective to seek professional treatment first. Call (973) 731-1266 today for an appointment with a foot doctor on staff.

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