Treating Diabetic Feet In 2021

Treating Diabetic Feet In 2021

Foot complications from diabetes could affect blood flow or innervation. Diabetic care in West Orange, NJ, with the experienced podiatry team at Foot Health Center, LLC, could help save your feet from amputation.

Keep Your Blood Glucose Level In Check

Keeping your blood glucose levels within the normal range is the first step to protecting your feet and other organs from possible diabetes complications.

You need to work closely with your doctor, following diet rules strictly, and taking your medication religiously.

It's best to monitor your blood glucose levels routinely and report spikes to your physician immediately.

Check Your Feet Daily

Dedicate a few minutes of your time each day to feet inspection. This lets you know how your feet look normally so that you can detect abnormalities quickly.

Look for color changes, blisters, calluses, and sores. Report to your podiatrist at Foot Health Center, LLC, for diabetic care when you notice foot abnormalities.

Wear Proper-fitting Shoes

Go through your wardrobe and toss out every tight-fitting shoe and sandals you own. They do you more harm than good.

Ensure your shoes have sufficient wiggle room for your toes. Check inside your shoes before you put them on to ensure there are no objects inside that could hurt your feet.

You shouldn't be walking around barefoot even in your own home. Keep your closed toes shoes and slippers on always.

Cut Your Toenails Properly

If you don't want to deal with ingrown toenails, ensure you clip your toenails straight across without rounding the edges.

If you already have ingrown toenails, don't attempt to cut them by yourself. Report to your podiatrist immediately before infection sets in.

Routine Visits to Your Podiatrist

An important part of your diabetic care in West Orange, NJ, is regular visits to your podiatrist.

Every two to three months, you should schedule a consultation with your podiatrist at Foot Health Center, LLC.

During your consultation, your foot doctor will inspect your feet for abnormalities. Their keen eye will pick up on signs you might have missed during self-examination.

If you've already developed sores or ulcers on your feet, then you need proper wound care.

The expert care of your podiatrist could prevent your wound from getting worse and might prevent foot amputation.

For your diabetic care in West Orange, NJ, call (973) 731-1266 to schedule your appointment at Foot Health Center, LLC, today.

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