The Importance Of Diabetic Foot Care

The Importance Of Diabetic Foot Care

Caring for your feet is an often overlooked task that, in the long run, becomes very important. Foot care is especially important if you are diabetic footcarediabetic as side effects of this condition can affect your feet’s ability to feel things correctly, resulting in serious injury or even infections. Learn more about what makes diabetic foot care important and the best way to go about it with Foot Health Center in West Orange, NJ.

Why is diabetic foot care important? 
According to the National Institute of Health, about 15% of diabetics will end up with a foot ulcer at some point during their life. Diabetes can cause damage to the nerves and reduced blood flow in the feet, a combination which makes for a potentially dangerous situation. These two side effects cause decreased feeling in the foot, meaning that a diabetic may not notice a small cut or scrape, ingrown toenail or bruise in time to treat it. This situation could result in the wound becoming infected, which can spread to other parts of the body or cause serious conditions which, in extreme cases, could result in amputation of the limb.

I’m diabetic. How can I keep my feet healthy? 
Keeping your feet healthy begins with simply giving them a once over every day. Take the time to examine each foot, ensuring that there are no cuts, scrapes, bruises or other abnormalities. Be sure to keep your feet clean and dry and wear clean socks daily. Always shake out your shoes before wearing them to avoid a rock or other debris from injuring your foot throughout the day. Trim your toenails regularly and cut them straight across rather than rounding the edges to prevent conditions like ingrown toenails.

Diabetic Foot Care in West Orange, NJ
One of the most beneficial tools to have in your diabetic foot care tool belt is your podiatrist. By going in for routine foot examinations, you could prevent or catch and treat foot-related conditions which could have disastrous results. Additionally, your doctor can help provide you with helpful information or tips on caring for your feet.

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